About us - Brake calipers & air brake systems replacement


New Factory Architecture
Founded in 2011 by Trucktechnic’s former management and engineers, Belgium Truck Technology is today’s most active European independent supplier of air brake systems. Highly specialized in air brake caliper remanufacturing, BTT’s products, following many years of investment, now include a full range of superior quality air brake units and repair kits, distributed worldwide.


Belgium Truck Technology is one of the major and most experienced independent Brake caliper Remanufacturer in Europe. BTT covers more than 45 countries and expands every day with new remanufacturing possibilities and repair kits.

Quality, Flexibility and Service is our leitmotiv. Our experienced team is every day available to answer any technical, logistical, or commercial question you may have. With production offices,
we have clear visibility on workshop production and are able to inform about delivery time in real time.

Range available

We stock a massive range of heavy duty Meritor, Knorr-Bremse, Wabco brake calipers and repair kits. We offer a very competitive same day R/R (repair and return) service over the whole Benelux and other bordering countries.

All of BTT’s products are substitute replacements to the original. Where quoted, other part numbers are used for cross reference purposes only.

From time to time we may sell original products to order when these are available to us.


Exchange policy


One word FLEXIBILITY :Exchange systems are difficult enough to operate, flexibility is therefore a MUST.

  • One caliper can be returned instead of an other. We do NOT require the EXACT part N° back.
  • We can credit calipers IN ADVANCE if returned prior to remanufacturing.
  • We operate NO “BANK” SYSTEM.
  • Right to return old unit NEVER LOST !
  • Possibility to operate an R & R (repair and return) system which GUARANTEES that the old units you will return will be used for YOUR order and not for someone else’s.
  • NO PRIOR LISTING prior to old unit return – just an e mail or a phone call and we take care of the rest !


UPS, TRANSUNIVERSE, ...   are our partners. We offer same day, next day or Saturday deliveries at very competitive prices.


All our products are supplied in a BTT 3 layer super strong box, have ID metal labels, kits a packed in BTT printed sachets and boxes with 10 gr BTT labeled grease sachets.